Cheese is one of those ingredients in cooking that play a vital role in converting the dish from a scratch to an elite one. Cheese is one of the most important ingredients no matter if it is the talk about cooking or baking. There are distinctive range of dishes that can be made from cheese and it for sure gives them a fine touch. If you are also looking for some quick cheese recipe that is cheesy and yummy enough, then here it is; the easy and cheesy recipe of Cheese balls. Indeed, there are number of ways of making Cheese balls like many people come up with different ideas to be implemented when it comes to cheese balls but enumerated below is one of the most common and authentic recipe of cheese ball: Ingredients:

  1. Cheese: Half cup.
  2. Potatoes: Two to three (medium sized)
  3. Fine flour: Two to three tablespoons.
  4. Egg: One.
  5. Coriander: Bunch of some leaves.
  6. Spices: According to taste
  7. Salt: According to taste
  8. Oil: For frying purpose.

Recipe: Boil the water in one sauce pan and then add the potatoes in it by washing them first in order to ensure that there is no sort of dirt left on their skin. Once the potatoes are boiled, take them out and mash them when they are cool enough to be done. Add the spices and salt along with the coriander in the mashed potatoes and mix them completely. Cut the small cubes of cheese of the equal sizes. Before you start making balls, ensure that you have stirred the egg and placed it in one bowl as well as the fine flour in an open sort of plates so that it makes easy for you to coat the balls in it. Time to make the balls now; take some quantity of potato mixture in your hand, place the cheese cube in the center and fold them forming the shape of a sphere Also make sure that the cheese does not comes out of that layer of potatoes otherwise it will spoil your whole oil. Once all the cheese balls have been made, start coating them first in the fine flour then in the egg and then again in the fine flour and the egg and now they are good enough to be fried. Fry them on low flame in the oil that is preheated until they are golden brown from all the sides. Take them out on the tissue paper so that it absorbs the oil from them. Your Cheese balls are ready, serve them with ketchup or other chili sauces. This recipe can be modified in number of ways like you can apply the layer of bread instead of mashed potatoes as well as the eggs can be replaced by gram flour in short, it’s all upon your choice. So, are you ready to make some yummy Cheese balls for the whole family today to be eaten in tea time with the hot and yummy cups of tea?