What do you think is the value of friends in one’s life? I believe that it is true that a person enters this world alone and leaves this world alone too but he or she can not at all live alone because this is not the law of nature and we have no rights to go against the laws of nature at any cost. Relations do play a very vital role in one’s life. Relations are basically of two types blood relations and relations of care. Friends are the ones who fall in the second category, every person has some friends in his or her life with whom he or she is comfortable in sharing what he or she is not in doing with someone else. In order to depict all these beautiful aspect of life on screen, friends show was launched. Friends is an amazing and trending TV series that has for sure gained the attention of numerous numbers of people around the globe and plays a vital role in making the people realize the value of friends and also respect them enough as they do play a great role in uplifting of an individual. This TV series basically revolves around the idea of 6 friends three of the males and females each. They all belong to the age groups ranging from 25 to 30 means kind of in their teens and all of them are living together in an apartment as roommates which formed the basis of this eternal friendship. This TV series showcases great moments of them helping, supporting and showcasing care for one another. The TV series of friends is for sure a conventional one and no more runs on the screen of television but still there are number of people around the globe who glimpse this show on regular basis and it is because of the quality of the content as well as the skills of the stars that make it even more interesting. This series constitutes of around 10 seasons where each of them holds around 23, 24 or 25 episodes randomly except for the season 10 which was constituted of 18 episodes where they all sum up to the total of 236 episodes. Each of these episodes were the favorite of dozens of people. All the actors of the Friends series are known and distinctive ones who for sure nailed it with their acting skill and talent. It was made sure that in all the promotions, advertisements and interviews they should be together because no acting can be more glamorous than the one which is performed on the basis of reality and all this ultimately led them to be best friends in real life too like they are off screen best friends too. If you are thinking of spending some quality time with your friends or roommates, nothing can be a better choice than having some popcorn and seeing the series of Friends with all those chitchats which are necessary no matter if you are watching a movie or if you are talking to someone because this is what friendship is all about. Value your friends as they are the ultimate asset of an individual