There is no doubt in it that TV shows do hold a very important and vital role in the entertainment industry around the globe. If you are seeking for entertainment, you should for sure try some of the TV shows because they are super awesome when it comes to entertainment and their episodes are a source of great attraction which comes one after the other making the user to get addicted to them. There are number of TV shows which are gaining the attention of dozens of people around the globe but the talk of TV shows cannot be completed without taking in consider the most famous and trending one of them. Any idea? Indeed, it is the Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is a TV series which upon its release gained the appreciation from millions of people and even though it has ended now but people are looking forward for its new seasons with an improved and better version of it. Series of Game of Thrones is basically a fantasy series because this is all based on the imagination that is instilled in the minds of the individuals watching it. The best part about the series is that they hold a great combination of fantasy, action, entertainment and for sure quality. The main idea or theme of whole series is the fight of several noble families to attain the power on the seven kingdoms and during their fight, they invoke an ancient enemy who was quiet and action less since a long period of time. Although the series is a fantasy and imaginative one but the way it is portrayed, no one can challenge it to be a fictional one. Each and everything about this series hold a distinction on its own like the acting done by all the stars is just outstanding, the setup and decoration of sets helps the user to enter the world of imagination without a minute of thinking, costumes of every actor speaks an ancient and action story on its own. Each and every season was successful in attaining the attention of a large number of audiences. Coined below are the seasons of this epic series along with their respective number of episodes in which each and every episode was an amazing one on its own:
  • The season 1 (2010)- 10 episodes.
  • The season 2 (2011)- 10 episodes.
  • The season 3 (2012)- 10 episodes.
  • The season 4 (2013)- 10 episodes.
  • The season 5 (2014)- 10 episodes.
  • The season 6 (2014)- 10 episodes.
  • The season 7 (2016)- 7 episodes.
  • The season 8 (2016)- 6 episodes.
Without any doubt each one of the series was just incredible and optimum as well as the value of any one of them hasn’t the rusted at all with respect to time, in fact each one of them holds a distinctive value and significance that cannot be affected by any external factor. This television series was so much successful that an individual also launched Game of Thrones video game which is a source of entertainment for many gamers around the world. You haven’t seen series of The Game of Thrones yet? Well you should!