There is no doubt in it that humans seek for entertainment in their daily lives and the industries on entertainment like film industry, TV industry etc. try to come up with the best essence of entertainment for its audiences. There exists a continuous competition between all the different forms of entertainment platforms so that they come up with something so exclusive that it grips the attention of all the audiences towards it and in these aspects, at times they do come up with great work that never loses its value in the race of time. Many of such examples have for sure been witnessed by us and among all of them for sure Titanic movie is one of the most trending ones. Titanic is a never-ending love story which is an example of romance for all the generation whether old or new. This film was released in 1997 but is still considered as one of the most watched and trending movies. It is a challenge that has been set for the other movie makers too. Distinctive and unique part about this movie is this that it is based on a real story. There are two main aspects of the Titanic movie; one is the shipwreck that depicts the real shipwreck which took place once and that ship while drowning in the Ocean took the lives of so many people along with it as well as drowned the never-ending love story of two which individuals which now stand as the most romantic love story of the time. In all around the movie, a necklace named as the “heart of the ocean” plays an important role and it is like the whole movie or the whole story is absorbed in that locket. The movie moves around the story of two individuals Rose and Jack. Rose was about to commit the suicide by jumping from the stern of the ship while Jack saved her life but no one knew that this first unintentional interaction will form the basis of their never-ending and exemplary romantic love story. Jack was an ordinary artist not with respect to his skills as he held extraordinary sketching and designing skills but with respect to his position in the society while Rose was committed to be the wife of a known and rich official but no one knew that destiny has decided something else for all of them, they both ended up in loving each other heartedly. On the other hand, the shipwreck depicted by the movie is just breathtaking because it was made sure that it is being showcased exactly the way it happened in the past practically. All this story has been narrated by Rose herself because she was able to survive this accident as the support and love of Jack was enough to encourage her in those circumstances, unfortunately Jack died in the incident because of hyperthermia but their love story has never died and never will! So, are you ready to look one of the masterpieces fabricated by the intellectual individuals for you?